Previews from the developer

Preview and test modules created for FictionBoard Virtual Tabletop.

Character sheets

To the list of character sheet previews

The heart of any roleplaying game is the character sheet. For FictionBoard I've taken the approach to turn character sheets written in plain text into data models and let the computer use automagic (and some CSS) to make them awesome.

Alien charactersheet preview
Screenshot from Alien RPG Character sheet

And the character sheet in plain text:

Alien character sheet


Name:Alejandro Cortex


Appereance:The oldest ...

Personal agenda

Agenda:Help the humans ..


To test and develop the syntax, theming and components of FictionBoards character sheet builder I've modelled most of Free League Publishings character sheets. Functionality is quite basic, you can create a sheet and it will be saved in your browser, you might be able to choose a few values. Nothing fancy.


The same concept of plain text goes for handouts and a lot of other game enteties. The next preview will probably be this.

Slide decks

Plain text rules! Decks are also written in plain text (or Markdown while FictionBoard is in development).

Preview of Vaesen slide deck

Made by  Innergnome Workshop in Sweden with Svelteand lots of Love