FictionBoard Character and NPC sheets

Character Sheets

Goals for the sheet builder and sheet experience

  • Create and edit character sheets in any text editor
  • No data modelling required, only for very complex sheets
  • High basic level of usability
  • Easy to customize for homebrew
  • Localization should be super easy
  • Common rolls and actions can be written directly in template


  • [x] Width issues with a couple of the sheets
  • [x] Flash when rendering
  • [x] Create repetable sections



As a player I can create a character with the help of a rulebook and GM input.

  • [x] Input values with basic validation of type, max/min
  • [x] Select from predefined values
  • [x] Store ONE character per game system in the browser cache
  • [x] Show template code
  • [ ] Show generated JSON data model
  • [ ] Export markdown character sheet

As a designer or developer I can create a decent character sheet with colors and some graphic elements that aligns with the game.

  • [x] Responsive templates
  • [x] Control over panel order in all screen sizes
  • [x] Repeatable panel content
  • [x] Input one type of value per key
  • [x] Data structure from key values and headers


As a user I can create several characters with the help of a rulebook and the GM. Many of the character sheet values are computed for me.

  • [ ] Full RPG Markdown support
  • [ ] Import markdown character sheet
  • [ ] Save several character sheets per game type

As a designer or developer I can create a layout with effects, advanced borders, panels and inputs. Values can be computed.

  • [ ] Internalization of templates
  • [ ] SVG and images for borders and backgrounds
  • [ ] More control over data structure

Self service

As a player I can create a character and do most rolls with the help of the character sheet and an online rulebook.

  • [ ] Lookup values from tables
  • [ ] Sequenced options - If you select this then...


How to build themes for FictionBoard (GitHub)